Chloe Zhao prints history, what are the traces of Asian filmmakers for nine decades?

Chloe Zhao with her film, Nomadland, made history. Since the Oscars were held in 1929, she has succeeded in becoming the first Asian woman to hold the title of ‘best director’ in this prestigious cinema event. Nomadland was rewarded as the best film. This achievement rounded the number of Oscars winners from Asia to 25 over nine decades.

The film, which tells about the nomadic lifestyle, was nominated in six categories and half of them won the trophy: Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress.

Will this win pave the way for Asian films and filmmakers to sculpt further victories in the Academy Awards competition, following last year’s Parasite success?

“This victory offers hope,” Hong Kong-based film expert Lon Tin told the BBC. He believes Asian filmmakers and Asian actors are benefiting from this trend on the Hollywood scene.


“It is very clear that this year’s Oscars honors minority women and other groups, who for decades have been underrepresented in the industry,” she said.

With Zhao’s victory, the 2021 Academy Awards will become the most ‘diverse’ event in US film history. As many as nine out of 20 nominees come from non-whites. Then, for the first time two women were nominated for Best Director.

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