albinism woman from China who was discarded as a baby, is now a Vogue model

When Xueli Abbing was a baby, her parents left her in front of the orphanage. They lay him on the ground just like that.

Albinism is considered a curse by some in China.

Xueli’s skin and hair were very pale. She lacks pigment due to a rare genetic condition. Another result, he is also very sensitive to sunlight.

However, this different appearance has now led Xueli to pursue a career as a model.
At 16 years old, she has graced the cover page of Vogue magazine. He is also believed to exhibit the work of well-known designers.

This is Xueli’s story, as he told Jennifer Meierhans.

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The orphanage employee named me Xue Li. Xue means snow and Li means beautiful.

I was adopted when I was three years old. Since then I have been living with my adoptive mother and sister in the Netherlands.

My mother said she couldn’t think of a more perfect name. According to him, it is important for me to stick to my roots as a person who was born in China.

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